Every last Wednesday of the month we host a free meeting.  These are themed meetings where you get all new information, but it doesn’t stop there because information is limited until it’s implemented. To integrate the body and mind I take common life experiences, turn them into relevant exercises and participants engage in them.Through this simple yet profound method people come to better understand my vision and why I believe this is not only the future of health but humanity.



To end the year and get a running start into 2019 we’re gonna hit some really hot topics that you won’t want to miss!

  • The theme for Nov’s Legacy Forum on Wednesday the 28th from 6.30-8 pm is called What To Do With Your Man: Did he Forget what a Date is? Learn what you need to do to get the Best out of Him.  For more information or to RSVP, Click here.


  • On December 26th from 6.30-8 pm we’ll discuss: You let a Thief into Your Home Through Prescription Meds. The greatest pharmacy in the universe is in the body, access life and live again!

Transformational Education

Modern day education is going to be more than a focus on IQ (intelligence quotient) , and even more than EQ (emotional intelligence), but it will extend into SI (somatic (body) intelligence), and LQ (love intelligence, made up of kindness, compassion, creativity, etc). In our workshops, we integrate all of these factors by distilling life experiences into workshop exercises. The power of the workshops comes from somatic experiences and gaining self-sovereignty, flexibility, range, versatility, and durability. Essentially, this is a gym for human life skills.
Humans manifest. We manifest what’s within us. To adapt and evolve we need to see ourselves deeply. These workshops are where people like you, transform. You may be stuck in a bad place or stuck in a good place in life, but either way, want and can see a brighter future ahead. Join us to optimize your potential!

This series features three life-changing workshops:

  1. Awaken Within
  2. Transcend Limitation
  3. Illuminate Your Power

Transcend your symptoms

If you’re serious about transforming your pain and symptoms, or you’ve tried “everything,” the 10 Sessions of Structural Integration is one of the most profound and empowering experiences you will have. It takes passive therapy and wellness to the next level through engagement, education, and experience.

For Expecting Fathers

First time or even fifth time fathers will get a lot from this class!

But, who really benefits from this class is the tiny future newcomer and his/her mother. Yes, pregnancy and birth are a woman’s labor of love, and she deserves to have social support, professional support, and classes that make the transition easier, but guys and their roles are often left aside, and it can show up as confusion or disconnection. Not a good way to start life and a new relationship.This 3 hour workshop is for expecting fathers to orient to their upcoming new roles.

Take aways:

  • Clarity on the Stages of Labor
  • Her needs, baby’s needs, his needs
  • What’s his role?
  • Being prepared for the unpreparable
  • What’s after birth?

For Professionals

Massage therapists, Bodyworkers, Movement Educators

The Hero Story

Today’s clients want to be empowered. The roles have changed and that’s a good thing. The modern day professional should be more of a guide and helper to the client who has a problem to overcome, and by doing so becomes the hero in their own journey.

Exactly how to create this context has perplexed many of us professionals.

To address that issue, I’ve crafted a meaningful process to take new prospects in, clarify their dilemma, show them how they can overcome the issues, and become the hero in the process.

Read the book Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller

What you’ll learn:

  • The Day 1 Day 2 process. This program is experiential and easy to implement. You’ll have the confidence to use it, enhance your practice, and make your money back shortly after returning home.
  • The importance of a client-centered story.
  • How to listen to, gather, and create a story.
  • Learn the visual and palpatory tools helpful to show them the deeper subconscious dilemmas they face and how your work can help them make the changes they are looking for.
  • Why empowerment is what they really want.


You’re the most important person in the world, and you should feel good in that role. A successful legacy isn’t about chasing the status quo. What is the legacy you want to live and who will you be on that journey?

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