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Rolf Structural Integration and the 10-Series


“The 10-Session Series”, is unique to Rolf Structural Integration. Most conventional treatments use a “fix it,” “treat the problem,” or “chase the symptom” model. 

This is often a very, very time and money consuming approach with poor results.

The success of Rolf Structural Integration is due to the systematic progression of the 10-series, in other words, you receive 10 unique sessions where we don’t focus only on where you’re feeling the pain that day.

To a Structural Integrator, it’s shortsighted and myopic to think that an imbalance or pain is simply local. Pain is the end point of strain, and imbalances can be in areas beyond the local lesion.  

Based on science my new belief is that pain is an experience we feel in the body through the interpretation of the central nervous system. The fastest way to change the brain is to change the body, so that’s where we primarily work.

Therapeutic neuroscience has brought clarity on pain and has helped me do my best work in 20 years. 

My focus is in educating and empowering clients so that they can take control of symptoms that were once defining their lives.

After going through the 10 Sessions many clients continue a lighter schedule of sessions or continue to grow through Legacy offerings.

The 10-Series is time-tested and has helped thousands of people attain adaptability, strength, support, lightness, and ease, as well as a sense of integration, wholeness, and vitality.


How We Begin

Clients begin with a Day 1 and Day 2 Process.

Day 1

This is the most important day because it lays the foundation.

  1. History
  2. Functional assessments.
  3. Passive assessments.
  4. A more complete and realistic story of your symptoms emerges .
  5. Lastly, learn to interact with the work.

Day 2

This is the first session of the 10.

Session 1: Freedom and Expansion

Your spine, pelvis, and rib cage are aligned and free. Your breath capacity is increased and core structures relieved of superficial restrictions.

Session 2: Support and Length

Session 2 Support and Length: Foot arches and the function of your lower legs is improved. As a result, your spine and rib cage can come out of compression and experience length and optimal potential without effort.

Session 3: The Third Dimension

Your shoulder and pelvic girdles are free from your body and your body’s lateral sidelines gain ease, length, and lightness.

Session 4: Core Freedom

Your inner legs lengthen and pelvic floor balanced. The inner legs are almost always in constant contraction, a detriment to a healthy core.

Session 5: Core Function

Your psoas muscle connects your spine to your legs, it is the deepest muscle of your body and most important to structural integrity. In this session your psoas function is improved and vital nerve centers that run through are refreshed.

Session 6: Sacral Motion

Session 6 Sacral Motion: Movement is restored to the critical junction between your hips and spine by restoring freedom of your sacrum and tail bones.

Session 7: The Cranial Core

Your head, neck, and shoulders gain freedom from deep, long held contractions.

Sessions 8 and 9: Refining Functional Lines

These sessions connect large planes of connective tissues and functionally relate the limbs to the body so that your movements and functions are smooth, easy, and integrated.

Session 10: Sound Structure and Functional Integration

You’ll experience this session as physical clarity, structural support, and experiential wholeness. Fascial planes are free to glide over each other and the body uses gravity as a healthy reference point rather than an opposition.

Beyond the 10

The 10 Sessions is not an end in itself. Click on the Legacy page and explore more Physical Breakthroughs or Transformational Growth


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