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Your Symptoms Have a Story, What is it?

Life is full of “symptoms,” and if you’re like most people physical symptoms are what we think of first. Whether your symptoms are physical, emotional, marital, financial, or other, they are rooted in the story of your life. Congratulations, you’re here because you believe in change and you know you can do something about it! First, it begins with the story of, “What’s going on?”

Build Balance

The Legacy Journey is not only a simple, real, life map, but a tool that gives you the chance to assess where your symptoms are coming from and begin to craft a change. Envision this map a straight line that naturally begins to alter with time and events. Big or even small deviations can lead to an unexpected or an undesirable destination. With a bird’s eye view of life you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, make the necessary shifts or adaptations, and leverage the tools required to create your legacy.

Commit to the Commitment

As Chris Corrales says, “The single reason that people live in chronic pain or pain without a clear causation is that they haven’t received the right information to change, but when they do they’re often lacking in their commitment to change.” Know what you want, craft a vision of how to get there, commit to that, and the rest will work itself out!


You’re the most important person in the world, and you should feel good in that role. A successful legacy isn’t about chasing the status quo. What is the legacy you want to live and who will you be on that journey?

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