Resilience, Adaptability and Anti-Fragility

Growing up I was the smallest, shyest, weakest, and least healthy kid on the block. In one word, I was fragile.

Imagine the strategies that I created up to face these obstacles. The strategies were effective at one time, or in particular situations, some may seem small, but they often came with unseen consequences.

My survival strategies didn’t only manifest as physical limitations, but they struck deep and affected things like my self-confidence, emotional sensitivity, self-doubt, and negative beliefs.

Anyone suffering from internal weaknesses of the sort can attest that they can also manifest externally such as in the form of low school grades, lack of physical abilities, poor relationship building, an unclear life vision, etc.

All of this began to change for me when I was at an all-time low!

At about 14 I decided to be proactive and joined martial arts. They taught me a lot.

  • I constantly had to face fears
  • Personal doubts
  • I learned to expect pain, process it on the spot, and to recover quick.
  • They taught me how much physical hurdles were mental, judging a book by its cover wasn’t a good strategy because a bigger stronger training partner wasn’t necessarily the most difficult to deal with and a seemingly weaker opponent wasn’t always a breeze.

Martial arts taught me volumes on mindset, non-judgment, and perspective. Everything we did physically could be easily translated into a life metaphor.

Like learning falls and rolls. What a great metaphorical response to life’s crashes, failures, and spills. For most people, an intentional fall takes an extraordinary mindset shift.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had who came in with injuries from falls.

We have a preconceived notion that falling means injury, hurt, and pain and when you go in with that mindset you tend to brace rather than flow. Yeah, if you’re fighting the fall rather than going with it and guiding how it’ll manifest chances are you’ll sustain even more damage.

I teach my clients to look at the world from a positive place, even when negative things happen. That way they stay in their power to choose and influence the outcome. It might not look perfect, it might even be painful, but it’s the difference between control and catastrophe.

We should expect falls, and actually, welcome them! After all, they are inevitable.

How do you respond to falls, failures, and catastrophes?


You’re the most important person in the world, and you should feel good in that role. A successful legacy isn’t about chasing the status quo. What is the legacy you want to live and who will you be on that journey?

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